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New Book Offers Exciting Alternative to Organized Religion

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What if Jesus Were a Coach is a new book written by Coach Michael Taylor to help individuals start their spiritual journey, in the wake of harrowing statistics revealing that organized religion is on the decline.

STAFFORD, TX (June 2022) – Texas Life Coach, Michael Taylor, has thrown a lifeline to individuals looking to kickstart their spiritual journey and self-discovery in his new book, What if Jesus Were a Coach?


Data released from the Pew Research Center political surveys reveals that the decline of Christianity continues at a rapid pace.  The statistics reveal that the rates of religious affiliation and religious attendance were rapidly declining.  According to the data, the number of religious ‘nones’ have grown by nearly 30 million over the past decade, and only 49% of millennials describe themselves as Christians, in comparison to 84% of  Silent Generation and 76% Baby Boomers and 67 of Generation X.


The truth is that many individuals have an innate need to connect with a power greater than themselves. Sadly, this desire to connect to the Divine is often thwarted by religious dogma and doctrines.  But not anymore.


Touted as a positive approach to Christianity, Coach Michael Taylor’s new book offers a positive approach to religion and Christianity that will inspire those looking to find their truth about God. Taylor’s  refreshing take on spirituality on religion aims to inspire readers to discover the truth and set themselves free.  In this book the author shares is own experiences and delves into the teachings of Jesus to help readers discover a fresh outlook on life and that there is more to spirituality than doctrines.


A former Atheist, Taylor once had an aversion to organized religion until he undertook extensive research about world religions in an attempt to determine if God existed or not. He said:My research ultimately led me to my own "truth" about God which has allowed me to create an intimacy and connection to a power greater than myself. In this book I share my experiences and how I was able to do that.”


What if Jesus Were a Coach offers valuable lessons that will benefit even those who do not believe in God. Readers will come away with a refreshing viewpoint and with new found wisdom on connecting with a higher power and achieving their dreams.


 And the book is already having an impact. One reader said: “The message is beautiful and heartfelt – with explicit personal experiences. For me, it is like coming out of the deepest, darkest hole and into the light for the first time. It is not just a guide, but also a light to guide you along the way to your spiritual awakening. It is an ultimate guide when you’re searching for the truth in your spiritual journey. The messages will be a constant reference for me moving forward.”


What if Jesus Were a Coach is available at online booksellers including am*zon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million. For  a preview of the book or further information, visit https://jesuswasacoach.com.


Media contact: Michael Taylor

Email: mtaylor@coachmichaeltaylor.com


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