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Monkeypox on the Rise...according to WHO

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It was mentioned in another thread but here's my PSA.😁


As the pandemic tries to subside and many folks are comfortable with getting vaccinated, it looks like the WHO (World Health Organization) is throwing a new virus on us.


Hot off the press...Monkeypox is becoming a growing health concern.


Right now, there are close to 17,000 cases of monkeypox worldwide. Nevermind there are approximately 8 billion people on the planet. 


The US has ordered 2.5 million doses of monkeypox vaccine. As of today, there are approximately 2,500 cases in the US. 


i wonder what they know that we don't about this virus. It's been around for a long time. All of sudden it's supposedky spreading like a brush fire. 😎

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1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

I'm still waiting on the Zombie Apocalypse from the previous pandemic....lol

Don't waste your time waiting on it. The plan was to shorten life span. That's why records are sealed for 75 years.😁😎

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46 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

They don't want to eliminate the population.
Just reduce it to more "manageable" levels.

That's right.  Eliminating the population would be 1) bad for business (workers) and 2) destroy a constant source of entertainment.


A population reduction somewhere around 10-15% is the manageable goal.  That means about 1.2 billion people gotta go. 😎



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Going from 8 billion people down to under 1 billion in 3 - 7 years would require a drastic effort.  The pandemic didn't even kill a billion people worldwide. 


However, along the lines of a 10-15% percent reduction, getting the population down from 8 billion to 6.8 billion over a 10 year period seems more plausible.  


Of course, it's all speculative until folks start dropping like flies. 😎

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