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FBI Raids former POTUS Mar-A-Lago Home


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The former POTUS took a few boxes of government documents to Florida when he left the White House. That's against the law:




It took a while for the government to retrieve the boxes. No telling what documents were pulled from the boxes before turning them back over to the feds.


I would be surprised if the FBI find any documents in that house. If they do find anything, someone was very stupid, cocky or sloppy. 


For many years, they haven't been able to make anything stick to Teflon Don.


Let's see if the FBI comes up with the smoking gun to keep him from running for office again.  😎

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Truth in Politics has rushed a news crew to where former Vice President Mike Pence is staying to get his reaction ...

And folks -. here it is ...

Mike Pence laughing.jpg

The Feds are probably searching for documents Trump and his minions may have unceremoniously and possibly illegally removed to use as keepsakes. 

It's against U.S. Archive laws to do that. 

But Lord Dampnut still thinks he is POTUS.

The folks in Trump Land are going berserk, but not with happiness. Apparently, someone whispered the Feds were there to escort 45 back to Washington for immediate re-instatement. Which cannot be done. Trump was in New York anyway.


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