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The Online Gender War Part 1


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   This is going to be more like an essay than post.


                                        So, it is going to be in two parts.


                                         I apologize for the length.


 Black people have spent most of their history in this country fighting racism and white supremacy. For over 200 years (1619-1863), we were slaves. If you were from the South, you experienced almost another 100 years of Jim Crow after The Civil War/Reconstruction, which consisted of segregation and sharecropping. It has just only been 60 years since blacks have not been considered second-class citizens.


                     But, have we been ignoring underlying issues within the black community that could divide us in ways we never expected.


                     The things that the African American community discusses behind closed doors but not in the open.


                     I wonder if these issues are not expressed in the so-called "gender war" between black women and black men online.


                     The two main divisions of this conflict are:
                         1. The Black Manosphere.

                         2. The Anti-Colorists/Divestors/Hypergamies.

                      I should start by defining what the Manosphere is.  The Manosphere is a collection of pro-male rhetoric ranging from MRAs (Mens Right Advocates), MGTOW (Men Going Thers Own Way) and PUA (Pick Up Artist). Men's Rights Advocates believe that men are disadvantaged in the court system when it comes to child support, custody, and community property during a divorce.  Because of these bitter experiences, this has led to form MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. This is where men abandon the idea of marriage altogether and focus on self-improvement. Pick Up Artists (PUAs) are also included among this category. These are basically pump and dumpers of women


                      Sometimes these people are referred to as incels  (especially MGTOWS) which is short for Involuntary Celibacy.  


                      The Manosphere is also known as the Red Pill Community. This concept is taken from the movie The Matrix (1998) starring Laurence Fishburne. In the film, people have the life choice between the metaphoric "Red Pill" and "Blue Pill."  The blue pill is what society wants a person to believe.  The red pill is the way life really is. Once a person takes the red pill, he becomes enlightened and his perspective changes (in this case when it comes to relationships). In other words, the blue pill represents love, marriage, children. The red pill represents when everything just mentioned goes south and leads to bad marriages, separation, divorce, and sometimes financial devastation.


                      The Manosphere/Red Pill philosophy started in the white community with people like Tom Leykis, Rollo Tomassi, Sandman, and Paul Elam. Most of these content providers online discourage marriage and long-term commitments. They particularly railed against single mothers, overweight, and post-wall women. Sometimes their videos engage in outright women bashing.


 I am not going to even go into the terms that they use. It would be too long. Post Wall is one of them, meaning a woman is past her prime in regard to looks, age, and fertility. You have to look up the rest of them online.


                    Another popular term is S.I.M.P(which is a misogynistic acronym) meaning a man who goes beyond the call of duty to please a woman who may not be worth it.


                      Because much of the manosphere leans toward the right wing, this alienated a lot of black men. So, they started their own version known as the Black Manosphere. Examples include Mumia Obsidian Ali, Oshay Duke Jackson, Angry Man Valdez, and Donaven Sharpe. Their grievances are mostly against black women. They complain that black women chose thugs or "Pookies and Ray Rays" over descent black men, they wear too much weave, too masculine, and not submissive enough and single mothers.


                      The most polarizing figure in this group was the late Kevin Samuels.  In society, women are judged by femineity, beauty, youth, and fertility. Men are judged by money and status. This is not to say looks don't matter to men. The gender war had begun the settle down until Samuels compared the looks of a woman to the type of man she wanted and told her she was "average at best" and if she did not lower her standards she would "die alone."


                      There is sub-branch of black manosphere that is known as IBMOR or Introspective Black Male of Reflection. IBMOR is about the closest a black man could come to having a right-wing manifesto.  It differs, of course, from white conservatism because they are against white supremacy and believe in reparations.  

                                                                  Here is a summary of what IBMOR believes:

                                                 1. Black heterosexual male leadership and female subordination.
                                                 2. The main problem of the black community is white supremacy and black matriarchy (sometimes referred to as a black gynocracy).   


                                                 3. They don't believe in marriage under the current system of black matriarchy and white supremacy.


                                                 4. Homosexuality weakens the black community.


                                                 5. Interracial sex is permitted but not offsprings. It weakens the black genetic code.


                  So, as you can see, it is very misogynistic.


                  One of leading IBMOR content providers on You Tube is known as Black Gnostic Speaks, better known as BGS/IBMOR. He alleges that black women have a secret hidden contempt for black men because blacks were a conquered race of people and do not rule the world like whites.  The topics on his channel are not just limited to manosphere issues, but also politics, philosophy, and the economy. 

                  IBMOR believes that the black feminist gynocracy is just as dangerous as white supremacy. In fact, they think that there is a conspiracy between right leaning white supremacy and left leaning feminism (both white and black) to remove black men as leaders in the black community and replace them with black women. This has been mentioned a lot by BGS/IBMOR and Dr T Hasan Johnson of the Onyx Report.  I guess this goes back to the fact that a lot of first wave feminist of the late 19th and early 20th century were racist. It is very similar to the Hegelian Dialect.


                  There is something that IBMOR and the black manosphere as a whole believe in that could have political consequences for the distant future if enough black men start to embrace this. They are strong adherents to the Moynihan Report (1965). The report was written former late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who was also Secretary of Labor in both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.  In short, the report states that the demise of the black family is because of the single parent households and the lack of men in the family.



                 Even though Moynihan was a liberal Democrat, his talking points are championed by both white conservatives and the black manosphere.



   I don't know if this is in the report or not, but I heard that in order for women to receive welfare benefits back in the 1960's, husbands or men could not be present in the family. So, black women allegedly choose welfare over their men. The liberals behind this were same 1960's politicians who promoted and passed The Civil Rights Act(1964) and The Voting Rights Act (1965).


 It may not have been intended to do so, but it appears on the surface that the Moynihan Report blames black women for the dysfunction of the back family


                  It is true. women are the leaders in the black community. Most households are headed by women. The political and civil rights activist are mostly women. The SJWs you see marching after a police brutality case are female.  The founders of Black Lives Matter are women/LGBTQ, even though they protest on behalf of black males that are treated unjustly. Investment Bank Goldman Sachs established a program called One Million Black Women where they invested 10 million dollars in businesses run by African American women. Vice President Kamalah Harris is half ADOS. The most powerful voting bloc in The Democratic Party are black women. 


                 But this really goes back to Africa. Some Sub-Saharan tribes were patriarchal, some were egalitarian in that women were on equal footing with men, and other tribes matriarchal. Wakanda type women warrior tribes like you see in the movie Black Panther (2018) are more common than you think in Africa. There are even some female tribes that won't even let men in their communities.


                 Another sub-branch within the black manosphere is Save Yourselves Black Men or SYBM. Whereas white MGTOWs discourage any kind of permanent relationships with women, black men who are tired of black women (or at least African American women) seek relationships with women of other nationalities and races. Many of them go to exotic countries such as Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, and Thailand.  I guess they perceive those women to be more feminine and submissive than American women, especially American black women. But personally, I think that most of what these foreign women are just practicing hypergamy. They will hook up with any American man just to escape the poverty they are in and to get a taste of the American lifestyle.


                 This is where the black manosphere could have possible political implications. Women run the show in the black community. Men generally do not like to be ruled by women.  It hurts their masculine pride.  Remember what I said in the other paragraph about black women choosing welfare over men in the home? Well, some in the black manosphere/IBMOR community blame this on liberal politicians. They think that the traditional progressive civil right leadership is too female oriented or "gynocratic."
             As subtle as it might be, I noticed a trend that took place during the Democratic Presidential primaries of 2020 and another that is still taking place at Trump rallies. During the 2020 presidential primaries, Joe Biden secured the Democratic nomination for President by winning the black vote. There is nothing unusual about that. Democrats have been overwhelmingly winning ADOS votes since the civil rights era.  What I took note of is that vote consisted more of black women than of black men. I am not saying that the majority of black men did not vote for Biden, but there was a slight ratio difference between the sexes. As a reward for their vote, he chose Sen Kamala Harris of California. Later, when he became President, Joe Biden promised to select a black woman as Supreme Court justice.  He did that with Ketanji Brown Jackson. Biden's White House press secretary is Katine Jean Pierre, an LGBTQ black woman.


                Something else I have been paying attention to.  Even though the GOP is about as racist as it has ever been under Donald Trump, there is still a small sprinkling of blacks at his rallies, mostly black men. In the past, I do not remember seeing as many blacks at crowds when Reagan and both Bushes spoke, and they were less racist. I am somewhat inclined to think that some of these people are more than just the usual tiny minority of "Toms" and "Coons" but possibly black incels.  Remember, the leader of militant right-wing group The Proud Boys is an Afro-Latino. Could they be influenced by the manosphere?




                   I think despite Trump's racist rhetoric, Trump represents patriarchy and male leadership, something that is lacking in the black community. That was demonstrated when rappers Ice Cube (formerly of NWA) and 50 Cent went to Donald Trump during the latter part of his term to discuss what would have been a "black man's contract for America."  But many leaders in the black community felt this excluded black women.


                   The one thing that all the manosphere, regardless of race and ethnicity, can agree on is that they are very strongly opposed to feminism


                   Part 2 The Black Womansphere or Sisterhood  is coming soon.

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Another powerful subject complimentary to the other one for me to cut into over a prolong period of time.

We're gonna have to go DEEP with this one....lol.




I should start by defining what the Manosphere is.  The Manosphere is a collection of pro-male rhetoric ranging from MRAs (Mens Right Advocates), MGTOW (Men Going Thers Own Way) and PUA (Pick Up Artist). Men's Rights Advocates believe that men are disadvantaged in the court system when it comes to child support, custody, and community property during a divorce.  Because of these bitter experiences, this has led to form MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. This is where men abandon the idea of marriage altogether and focus on self-improvement. Pick Up Artists (PUAs) are also included among this category. These are basically pump and dumpers of women


                      Sometimes these people are referred to as incels  (especially MGTOWS) which is short for Involuntary Celibacy.

For some reasons I never saw what is being called PUA as being in the same category as the MGTOW.
For me, it seems that the two are on the opposite ends of the spectrum of how a man relate to women.

MGTOW also aren't necessarily the same as Incels...although most incels eventually turn into MGTOW.

What's even funnier, I also saw these as primarily Caucasian male movements until of recent.

I guess this is another by-product of so-called Integration or living around Caucasians too much.

Historically....unless a Black man was deformed or gay, he didn't have problems getting women.
He may not have always gotten THEE woman he wanted, but he was always able to get A woman and usually SEVERAL of them.

I'm not the best looking guy in the world AND I'm on the lower half of the economic spectrum but can still get about over 75% of the women I make an attempt to date (eventually....lol) by a proper combination of confidence, wit, charm, and persistence. 
I think most Black men have learned this over the years. 

So as to all of these young Black men who've been popping up all over the internet lately crying about how much they hate women and how women don't want them....are coming from, I don't know.
Most of them SEEM normal looking and hormonally balanced, yet seem to have so many problems attracting women....so they claim.
Perhaps a lot of women can smell the "crazy" on them.

I also suspect a lot of Incels are actually gay but don't want to admit it...even to themselves.
They'll claim women don't want them, but in reality a lot of the times THEY DON'T WANT WOMEN;  and if you notice they will make every excuse not to be with one when the opportunities present themselves.

Another factor could be hormonal disruption.
A lot of young people because of the chemicals in the environment are hormonally unstable and in some cases (a growing number of cases) don't even fall neatly into the male or female category....and thus don't have a lot of attracting power for the opposite sex.

Most straight women are attracted to men.....not necessarily "almost men".
It's hard for a woman to be attracted to a person if she can't figure out if the fool she's talking to is even a man or woman.


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