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CDC Drops Indoor Mask

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  • ProfD changed the title to CDC Drops Indoor Mask

I remember when the Pandemic first got started........not only were people driving around with masks on but gloves on too!

I remember some sissy brother saw me in the Star Bucks parking lot and tried to hit on me!!!!

An OLD nigga too!

511 Taxi Driver Mask Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

"Hello friend..."

Me: "Hey, what's up man....do I know you?"

"Not really, I've seen you around Starbucks from time to time but uh......
I usually go to Detroit or Chicago for my fun but since the Pandemic shit has been a little crazy.
You know we gotta be safe.   I was wondering, you seem like a pretty smart brother who got it
together and got it GOING ON ((  🥴  ))  I was wondering if you want to go somewhere and have some 
FUN after you leave Starbucks later today?"

Me:  "Nah man....I'm good.  Take care though"

I didn't know the fool from Adam!
Not sure what made him feel comfortable enough to go up to a grown man he didn't even know and proposition him like that.

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