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Novella, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate, The Color of Love

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There is a new book (a novella) just out. The name of the book is Vanilla, Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate,


The Color of Love. The title of the book is taken from a poem by Black, female poet Mona Lake Jones.


The story is about -- colorism -- in the Black community. The book ask the question - Who do you love? or What is the color of the person that you love? And, it challenges us to emancipate our minds. 


Here is a short Youtube video describing it -- 


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I have new middle-grade children's book just out on am*zon Books Website. The title of the book is Summertime & The Livin' is Easy. It is a contemporary coming-of-age tale and is a urban Cinderella fable with a midnight curfew and miraculous new shoes. Enjoy.


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@Edwina Louise Dorch your book referral reminds me of a poem that I wrote, and would like to share.  


White Paper, Black Ink, Color Pencils,


As an artist, I see the beauty, the potential and the mystery in everything, including the gray space.   The beauty is that this white piece of paper is at my disposal to do with it as I will.  The potential s that it can be folded, cut, decorated, or it can behold information that tells a story. The mystery is that, as it sits alone, one can only wonder what is to become of it.


The black ink is what brings the sheet of white paper to life.  The beauty of the words gives purpose to how the two will work hand-in-hand.  The black ink defines the space by offering the potential of educating and/or entertaining its readers. The black ink solves the mystery. 


Where would the white sheet of paper be without the black ink? Where would the black ink be without the white sheet of paper?


What would happen if I mix in an array of colored pencils?  The Black ink welcomes the array of beauty, the white paper appreciates the compliment, and all three mediums create a masterpiece to be cherished.


I dare you to look beyond the surface and see love.  

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