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Great win for the Bears.   Considering they are a young team and rebuilding, I'm surprised they won. Also, they played very differently against my Commanders over a week ago.


The Bears still need to do a lot of work in order to protect QB Justin Fields.  He's a talented athlete.   I would hate for his career to be shortened by mismanagement and injuries. 😎



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@ProfD Along with the rest of  Chicagoland Bear fans, I am very encouraged by GM Ryan Poles' re-building program.  As you say, the addition of Chase Claypool, should make Justin's job easier. 


I love the name of these 3 young "brothas" making waves for "Da Bears".   Chase, Justin, and Ryan.  Sounds like  3 alumni from an Eastern Prep School.  i suspect they are all bi-racial -  the wave of the future?  LOL

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Da Bears played well against their divisional rival. Came up 2 pennies short of win today. 


It's all right because QB Justin Fields' progress each and every game should give Bears fans hope for the future.


Da Bears will be a lot better next year as GM Ryan Poles brings in a few more quality players. 😎

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