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Designed to be shared

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someone shared the following who is connected to someone I am connected to, it is a video

BUT I have a tiktok account and I saw this account has no bio which is odd and is private so... I think the video is designed to be shared 

this is a contrived account, it is private and has no bio, this was staged 100% https://www.tiktok.com/@browneyed_beautee?lang=en



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I saw it coming.....she was saying "just kidding" just a few times too many and I KNEW she was gonna say something stupid afterwards......lol.

Although I get the vibe that she's a racist trying to hide her racism behind flattery......I also get the vibe that she's essentially  harmless because she's too stupid to pose a real threat, lol.

It's the ones who can REALLY act and put on a performance to make you think they're sincere that you have to be careful with.

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