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Who was the real Nefertiti ?

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10 hours ago, richardmurray said:

Nefertiti and the challenges of reexamining the past when it was done negatively for so long.



@richardmurray This is one of my favorite subjects and I've done a lot of research on this Dynasty 18 and believe that, as you have said, it was done negatively for a very long time.


Scientist have long proven so many issues that surround the pharoahs of this dynasty but yet, this information is still be hidden.

For example, published in the National Geographic, only a few years ago, was the DNA findings of many of the mummies found in tombs such as that of Queen Tiy, Amenhotep III, and more. Scientist know that Queen Tiy is as her name reveals, Hittite and that she had long straight red hair. And the famous picture of her was that of a wig that she word that came from the royal possessions of the earlier Egyptian queens. 


They know that Nefertiti is as her name reveals, Hititte, H-WHITE, meaning she was a White Woman. 


Also, historians continue to hide the truth in that Akhenaten was NOT the one who started this movement and that outlawed the Theban religion, however, he was just a pawn.





THE EGYPTIANS WERE EXPERTS AT RECORDING THEIR HISTORY and so, the accounts of the 18th dynasty have been well recorded, and so detailed that accounts of its' history has been given to account for by a year-to-year account and even more so. So they know that it was NOT Akhenaten that started this Aten movement, rather it was his father, the pharaoh Amenhotep III. Nummerous records attest to this and he also changed his name to a new ATEN NAME. 

Amenhotep III started this movement not his son. His Aten name was THE DAZZLING ONE and there are many records about this time period that he started. 

Before he died, it was actually others that were prepped to assume the next in line, pharaoh, it was not Akhenaten. He was detested by his own people because he had a mishapen appearance. But, his older brother died young. 

Also, this Aten movement came from White People from Mycenae and as its name reveals, it was the forerunner of the ATHENS civilization that would form much later. 

Akhenaten did not start this movement but as the pharoah therefore, he became the main leader to allow it to be set up after the death of Amenhotep III.


The actual head of this Aten religion was Nefertiti and her high priest Ay.

This is why she is depicted as Akhenaten at times. She assumes the head of this Aten movement, however, the Original Egyptians began to protest and so, Nefertiti disappeared. 

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13 hours ago, richardmurray said:

these are events from so long ago, .. people in the usa have not fully confrmed who killed hoffa so:) something thousands of years ago becomes hard to get consensus on





I wonder if today, they have withheld evidence though about Jimmy Hoffa.

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1 hour ago, Chevdove said:



I wonder if today, they have withheld evidence though about Jimmy Hoffa.

Oh Wow, @richardmurray I remember hearing about Hoffa but he was before my time, however, you mentioning him, made me curious and so, I googled and read a little about him. Interesting, to say the least. He movements were absolutely accounted for up to like, only about fifteen minutes before he disappeared.

He called his wife from the restaurant that he was supposed to meet with two other men, and he let her know that they did not show up!

Then he was seen walking back and forth in front of the restaurant fifteen minutes before he began to walk to his car.

After that, the story gets shady.

The two men claimed that they never intended to meet with him!?

But Hoffa wrote on his calendar that he was supposed to meet tiwh them. 

I just don't understand why they could not find out what happened to him. I wonder did they trace the whereabouts of those two men as closely as they could have.

But then, this wondering takes me back to the beginning of my thoughts in that  perhaps, some pertinent information has been withheld!

You know, it was like the mafia, anyway, so perhaps, the real perpetrators paid somebody off to hide evidence. It just looks too suspicious, but, as you said, when events that have occurred a long time ago, is revisited, then it becomes difficult to dig up the truth. 

But in the case of the 18th Dynasty, it does seem like some evidence can be traced pretty well. So, I will post some points about the mystery that surrounds Nefertiti, and that dynasty 18, especially that of what I said about Amenhotep III.


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Queen Tiye


*My Note:  A closer look should reveal that she is depicted in a wig. This was actually the royal wig that belonged to earlier Black, Original Egyptian queens like the Dowager of Thutmosis III. Both Thutmosis III and his son went around Egypt striking the names of Hatshepsut and other Black queens out. Then, they welcomed in hundreds of Mitanni women from Assyria into Egypt and eventually, these Hittite, Mitannian, women replaced the Orginal Egyptian queens.






*MN-- The rest of this idol, is of Nefertiti completely naked as was many, many, statues made of her as she was part of a fertility cult. ALso, the skull of Nefertiti, Akhenaten, etc. of the 18th Dynasty shows that they had extremely elongated skulls.


… At the very least, it is clear that Amenhotep III played a far greater role in the Amarna period than has previously been suspected. The problem is that a tremendous amount of material from Amenhotep III’s reign which is pertinent to the whole Amarna question has been largely ignored, in great part due to the fact that much of it is fragmentary, and most of it is unpublished and hence unknown. …






Inscriptions from his jubilee palace in western Thebes and elsewhere tell us that,

among his numerous epithets, from this time on the king was actually referred

to as Aten Tjehen, the Dazzling Aten.










*MN-- Amenhotep III had the same elongated skull as his son, Akhenaten and grandchildren such as King Tutankhaten/Tutankhamen.

The Egyptologist Hawass has been published numerous times in articles such as the National Geographic Magazine stating the DNA results of 

King Tut, and his DNA results link him to Amenhotep III with no doubt. Although, Amenhotep III is also no doubt considered to be African, however, he was a descendant too, of a Mitannian mother. This would be the origin of the elongated skulls that the 18th Dynasty court was shown to have. It came from their maternal links. 


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