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COVID-19 Corona Virus

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Greetings. As a newly admitted member I would like to give thanks for allowing me a place to have a voice.

As an author who has been writing for years, and finally deciding to share those writings, in an official way, and at a social level, this forum was most appealing.

My reason for authoring books has always been the same. To share the truth. By doing so I know that people will have the ability to make the very best decision they know how to make. And that is all we can do.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus, has, from the very beginning, been the denial of information. I know this. Because I have researched, tracked, and monitored, this entire event from its inception.

Each TIME uncovering layers of deception.

The layers became so many, that the only way to comprehensively disseminate its components was to gather all of the relative data as a whole, in order to show the little pictures, altogether, as the big picture.

Even so. I was required to break off a chapter from the finished product and release that chapter as an independent standalone information package. That package is the book I will present here.

As of this writing I have only uploaded the file on a Just created Facebook profile in the group section.

The accompanying png file shows the Facebook page, and the file itself located on the left. It is an XPS file.

Read it. Enjoy it.

It is only possible thanks to my voice being given an audience in the here and now.

I encourage you to share this book with as many people as you can.

In this day and age, and in these TIMES, it will make all the difference.

Thank You.

facebook page.png

The Corona Virus An expose cover.png

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The atmosphere of the website, does indeed foster a sense of welcome.

This is a most charming place.

I never intended on selling the book. My only goal is to share the information and help as many people as possible. To do so I will need to reach as large of a distribution chain as can be achieved.

To that end I have made use of your advise and included the Hyperlink to the Facebook webpage which is hosting the book.


I am not aware of the prerequisite to access the link. Meaning. I don't know if you have to have a Facebook account and be signed in or not.

Here is the information.

Facebook: Groups: Corona Virus: The Corona Virus  An expose


My discovery of the YouTube video begins with an archived rebroadcasting of Neely Fuller, Jr. Which then lead me to This website. Where I saw references back to YouTube. Once there I subscribed to your YouTube Channel. Which also lead me back here to join aalbc.com.

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That would be great.

I currently only have a completed XPS version.

I use many different methods to textually illustrate certain messages, such as colors, font size, and font type, as well the use of many jpg and png files to provide certain required information.

I can copy and paste the text from the chapter alone, doing so will require an almost complete rewrite to fill in much of the information from those other sources.

The entire chapter in its current form is 43 pages.

I am certain that without the illustrations it will be much more.

Please let me know how it is done and I will begin adjusting to the requirement in order to share the information here.


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