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R. Renee

R. Renee is a 1 time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Bestselling author R. Renee is an artist, poet, social commentator, student of life and free thinker who uses the power of words to inform, inspire and empower.

My writings, teachings and commentary address topics ranging from religion and relationships to racism and sexuality (and everything in between). When it comes to sharing the truth, I bring it straight no chaser.

If you’re politically correct or easily offended I may not be your cup of tea. Some of what I write and teach is provocative. But if you can handle “grown folk” talk you’ll come away with some jewels that will benefit you.

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3 Books by R. Renee

Black Power Line
Black Power Line

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To Celebrate Black Culture Through Literature and Literary Nonfiction to Readers of all Backgrounds and Ages; and Advocate for Independent Media

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