Donald Trump is a Negger
by Emanuel Carpenter
Published: Monday, November 7, 2016

It’s not a typo.

Donald Trump used a pick-up artist’s strategy to win the presidency. For those of you who don’t know much about pick-up artists, let me explain.

Donald Trump A pick-up artist’s main goal is to have sex with a beautiful woman. Once the pick-up artist has achieved his goal, he typically moves on to the next woman. On rare occasions, some pick-up artists use the skill to actually find love.

The pick-up artist uses various tricks to coerce women into bed. One of those tricks is a mind game known as negging. The theory behind negging is that women are inherently insecure about themselves no matter how beautiful, how smart, or how accomplished. But when a man exposes her of a flaw, she’ll appreciate him more and work hard to be accepted by him.

Negging can be described as insult disguised as a compliment. Others might call it a backhanded compliment. Here’s an example: “I think you could be supermodel if you didn’t wear those dime store hair weaves.” Compare that to the same ‘ole, “Gee, I think you’re beautiful” that she hears seven times a day. It’s easy to see how negging works better.

Trump knows all about negging. In a recent article, Salma Hayek tells a story of how he told her he doesn’t normally date women so short but he still wanted to date her. Hayek knew the game, and she was not having it.

Since then, Trump has moved on to a bigger conquest: the presidency. This time America the beautiful was the target of the game. Just like a pick-up artist, Trump used negging to court America. He openly criticized her by saying her economy was not competitive, that her national health care system was a disaster, and her inner cities were a mess. But he also told her that she was once great. Of course, only he had the plan make her great again.

Meanwhile, his opponent Hillary Clinton and her team were scrambling. They knew his rhetoric was working so they had to come up with a line of their own: “America is already great.” In other words, “Gee, I think you’re beautiful.” But America had already heard that line before, and it was much too late for it now. The Donald had already tapped into America’s psyche, convinced her she wasn’t good enough for him, and sold her on his plan to make her feel whole again.

So how did it turn out? Trump got that pussy while Clinton walked away with blue balls. The pussy, of course, is enough votes to become president of the United States.

The questions remain: Did the president-elect neg America only to get what he wanted and then have her wake up in the morning next to an empty half of the bed and a wet spot? Or did he merely use negging as a trick to win America over because deep down inside he really does love her? Only time will tell.

Emanuel Carpenter is a writer and Gulf War veteran who lives in Atlanta. (more)