How to Share Your Book Information with AALBC
by Troy Johnson
Published: Monday, December 9, 2019

Below is the information you need to provide AALBC to have your book considered for inclusion in AALBC’s online bookstore. Please post this information on our Black Literature Discussion Forum

Authors who are already profiled on (name is on this list) please complete this form.

Book Cover, We Didn’t Know Any Gangsters by Brian Gilmore Title: We Didn’t Know Any Gangsters

Author: Brian Gilmore

Publication Date: Aug 31, 2014

List Price: $12.00

Format1: (Chose only one - Paperback, Hardcover)

Page Count: 88 pages

Classification: (Chose only one: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Children’s)

ISBN13: 9780692273272 (leave out dashes)

Imprint: Cherry Castle Publishing

Publisher: Cherry Castle Publishing, LLC

BISAC CODES: POE005050, POE000000 (look them up here)

Awards (if any): Hurston/Wright Award (2015), NAACP Image Award Nominee (2015)

Book Description: 150 to 500 words

Book Cover: Image of front of book or a link to it


Excerpt: (a full chapter minimum included as plain text, not a pdf file)

Video: Provide a link to YouTube, Vimeo, or some other embeddable source

Reviews: Share the text of any reviews we can use on AALBC. Include the author’s name

Buy Link2: By default AALBC will sell your book directly. However, is AALBC can not sell you book, because it is not in distribution, you prefer to sell it directly, or only it is only available from Amazon. Please provide the URL to the webpage where the book may be purchased.


1 Physical book formats are preferred, as this these are the only format we sell directly. If the book is only available in ebook or audiobook format a $25 fee is charged to add it to our database. You will also need to provide a link to where the ebook/audiobook may be purchased.

2 If AALBC can not sell you book directly we can link our Buy Button to your site or another bookseller’s website. Today () there is no charge for this. AALBC has a policy of not linking to Amazon’ website. However we recognize some authors books are only available from Amazon. In this case, we will provide a link to Amazon for a $25 fee.

Additional Notes

AALBC’s website is unique in that we sell books directly using a customized database to provide you with information on books in a fashion you will not find anywhere else on the web. Our list is also curated — we don’t list every book in print. Our goal is to help you sort through the over 130 million books in print to to find the book you will most likely enjoy.

As with most bookstores we give authors and publishers the option of more prominent placement on our website in the form of advertising. Advertisers use AALBC because they know our platform reaches an audience most likely to enjoy the books they are promoting.