Angle S. Bush

Angle S.Bush, author, poet , motivational speaker grew up in Saginaw, Michigan where she attended Saginaw High School, graduated in 1990 and went on to attend Central Michigan University.   where she published her first book When I Cease to Exist. Due to the success of her first book Ms. Bush has gone on to self-publish her second book Soul of a Woman, which is currently in bookstores across Texas and Michigan. Ms. Bush believes that through her books she can have a voice in America. Her books are geared towards everyone who believes in the right of the soul to have a venue for passage where you can embrace yourself and truly be thankful, for it is within yourself that you are able to create an inner peace for the   world. At this time Ms. Bush is putting the finishing touches on her 3rd book Revolution of the Soul…360 Degrees! and working on her 1st novel. In the fall of 1998 Ms. Bush will begin her speaking tour of various colleges and universities across the United States.  Where she will present a workshop entitled “In The Company of My Sisters” dealing with the issues of respect, self-esteem,relationships and sisterhood. Ms. Bush believes that her key to success is the belief that with God’s grace and only his that all things are possible.

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1 Book by Angle S. Bush