Bettye Chitman Haysbert

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Dr. Bettye Chitman Haysbert spent twenty years working with the San Francisco Unified School District, facilitating change at schools educating African American students. She found that narrow definitions of success were to blame for the poor performance of students from non-European American backgrounds.

For over a decade, Dr. Haysbert has helped schools across the United States provide supportive environments for African American students. In addition, she has served as an adjunct professor with the College of New Jersey’s global graduate program which has taken her all over the world, including Johannesburg, South Africa, Kuwait city, Kuwait, and Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Haysbert enjoys spending time with son Darryl, family and friends. She lives in Nevada and is part of a supportive community. She continues to travel, participate in book clubs, and supports organizations whose aim is to uplift African American communities.

Dr. Haysbert has taken the Liberating Teaching and Learning model and cultivated a very effective reading strategy, “learning to Read Our Way (ltROW),” which has been used in her work with schools and communities, teaching children and adults to read easily and quickly. Because of the high illiteracy rate in the United States and decades of poor education, especially among African Americans and Latinos, she proposes an all-out-assault against illiteracy.

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