Charles S. Finch III

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Dr. Charles S. Finch III is an African-American physician, author, and cultural historian who is known for his work in promoting health education and awareness in the African-American community.

Dr. Finch has written extensively on a wide range of topics related to African-American health, history, and culture. He has authored several books, including Echoes of the Old Darkland: Themes from the African Eden, The African Background Outlined: Or, Handbook for the Study of the Negro, and The Star of Deep Beginnings: The Genesis of African Science and Technology.

In addition to his work as an author and cultural historian, Dr. Finch has also been an advocate for natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness. He has spoken out against the overuse of prescription drugs and has advocated for a greater focus on nutrition and lifestyle factors in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Dr. Finch is an important figure in the African-American community and beyond, whose work has helped to promote greater awareness and understanding of the history, culture, and health needs of this population.

Certain European scholars have tied themselves into knots trying to ‘de-Africanize’ ancient Egypt. Using their own ‘conventional’ historical timeline is one way these scholars have been able to give the world this distorted view of Nile Valley history.”

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