Ciara and Russell Wilson

Ciara and Russell Wilson photo

Founded in 2014, Russell Wilson and Ciara’s Why Not You Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting poverty through education, empowering youth to lead with a why not you attitude.

The foundation supports student access to equal education opportunities, children’s health and food security initiatives. Its mission is to equip today’s youth with the skills and opportunities to become tomorrow’s leaders.

As a child, Russell’s father challenged him to approach life with a “why not you” attitude. Through the Why Not You Foundation, Russell intends to share that attitude by encouraging and challenging today’s youth to embrace opportunities, overcome obstacles and make a positive impact throughout their lives.

Ciara brings her passion for helping girls and young women and the fundamental belief that everyone should have the opportunity to grow in a healthy and positive way with access to the education and empowerment skills needed to be successful. With Ciara’s leadership the foundation will support programs that directly empower girls and young women locally, nationally and globally.

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