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Debra Yvette Phillips always knew that she would be a published writer one day, and while other young girls her age played with their Barbie and Ken dolls, she could be found with pen and pad, courting her love for the written word. Her first attempt with the pen was the writing of songs that lead to the writing of short stories. In fact, her first sale was a short, confessional to the now defunct magazine known as Jive.

Refusing to be categorized as a “genre” writer, she writes romance, mainstream, chick-lit, short stories, magazine articles, stories for young children, and a couple of screenplays faithfully collecting dust on a closet shelf. As a form of “branding”, she also writes Urban fiction under the alter ego of D.Y. Phillips.

Loving and living with the same man for over thirty years, Debra Phillips resides in sunny California. Currently, she is busy working on her next book, and a slew of children projects to become ebooks.

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