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George A. Padmore was born Malcolm Ivan Meredith Nurse on June 28 1093 in Trinidad. He was a leading Pan-Africanist, journalist, and author. He left Trinidad in 1924 to study medicine in the United States, where he also joined the Communist Party.

From there he moved to the Soviet Union, where he was active in the party, and working on African independence movements. He also worked for the party in Germany but left after the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s. He left the Communist Party in 1934 because of the abuses and widespread purges under Stalinism. He continued to support socialism.

He was a key figure in the organisation of the influential 5th Pan African Congress held in Manchester in 1945 and was an adviser to Kwame Nkrumah before and after the independence of Ghana in 1957.

Padmore lived for a time in France, before settling in London. Toward the end of his life he moved to Accra, Ghana. He passed on September 23, 1959 in London, England.

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The GPI is an archive, educational research and information centre housing materials relating mainly to the black community of Caribbean, African and Asian descent in Britain and continental Europe. It was set up in 1991 by a group of people connected with New Beacon Books, Britain’s first black publisher and bookstore.

Please note: The George Padmore Institute was named in honor of George Padmore but does not house archive collections relating to him.

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