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Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam

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Why don’t you spend your time helping Blacks instead of “attacking” Jews?

A funny thing happened on the way to Black freedom. All the strongest Black leaders in history were charged with “anti-Semitism” when they made statements critical of Jewish actions. But only Blacks who advocated an economic approach toward building Black autonomy were so targeted. This is not so surprising when one considers that Jews built their massive wealth on the backs of Black slave labor, and on the disorganized Black economy. Any one who might come to organize Black buying power for the purpose of building a Black economic infrastructure becomes a direct enemy of those who profit from its disarray.

“Anti-Semitism” is therefore used by a people who feel they are about to lose their fat cash cow—the wealth-generating labor of Black people and their spending power. When, for instance, Minister Farrakhan tells a whole race of people to stop drinking, smoking, and supporting degrading Hollywood movies; to homeschool; to garden instead of buying processed foods; and to set up banks and circulate wealth among Blacks, a whole lot of White people—especially Jews—get very upset. The “anti-Semitism” charge is the phony claim of thieves caught red-handed.

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