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Ingrid M. Ellis

Ingrid M. Ellis was born in Jamaica Queens, New York where she discovered her love for writing and animation. She later migrated to California with her family in the early 80’s and became a graduate from California State University Long Beach with a bachelors degree in social work. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, Ingrid immediately began a short career with the Department of Children and Family Services. In 1997, Ingrid pursued her passion as a writer, which has now spanned 20 years. Her first book, Dare to Dream Ambrosia would become the spearhead to a children’s book series entitled, The Adventures of Ambrosia Nittie. After receiving 26 no’s from major publishing companies, there was no other option for Ingrid but to dive into the world of self-publishing.

In 2009, Ingrid penned her jaw-dropping memoir, Life After the Down Low, which chronicles her life as a wife deceived by a man living undercover. She candidly addresses the concern of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as she recounts her journey through healing. Her words have opened a pandora’s box of questions, speculations, and cry’s for help from women with similar stories.

Ingrid currently lives in Los Angeles county with her son Noah. She serves as a Regional Vice President with Primerica, the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America. She has her sights set on releasing two new books per year, beginning in 2017.

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Black Power Line
Black Power Line

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