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Janice Pernell is a 2-Time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Janice Pernell was a sought-after developmental, content and line editor before she began writing. She edited for several National Bestselling Authors and Independently-published authors. Some of her editing projects sold to traditional publishers such as Brown Girls Publishing/Brown Girls Books and Harlequin/Kimani Press. Five of her edited works hit the Top 10 in AALBC’s 2014 National Bestseller List: Open Door Marriage by Naleighna Kai; What You Can Get Away With by Joyce Brown; Was It Good For You Too? by Naleighna Kai; “Broken Dolls” by Susan Peters (part of the Treasures & Pleasures anthology); and “The Virus” by Valarie Prince (part of the Treasures & Pleasures).

A proud member of NK Promo Partners, a spin-off of the former M-LAS (Macro Literary All-Stars), Janice made her writing debut as a co-contributor to Baring It All: The Ins and Outs of Publishing, which the group released in 2014. No Right Way to do a Wrong Thing is her first work of fiction.

Janice is a sponsor of the 2018 Cavalcade of Authors. She is employed as a legal secretary in downtown Chicago and is an active member of her church (working in the children’s ministry). She is currently working on two Christian inspirational books.

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