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Reverend Dr. Jefferson Edwards is Founder and Senior Pastor of the Freedom Christian Center Church in Kansas City (Raytown), Missouri, and the President of Jeff Edwards Ministries International, and the President of the Network of Urban Churches and Ministries (NUCAM). For over 43 years years he has traveled extensively as an itinerant minister across the United States and to more than 15 nations.

Dr. Edwards has had the privilege of addressing many Prime Ministers and Representatives of Government in these locations. He is the author of the best-selling book, Chosen—Not Cursed. Among his other books are Liberated—No Longer Bound, Gifted—Discovering Your Hidden Greatness, The Call of God, Purging Racism From Christianity, Where Are All The Fathers?, and Do Black Lives Matter To God?

Dr. Edwards has a special commission and mandate from God to bring down the barriers that divide races and denominations. He addresses the present day crisis concerning the family with a particular emphasis on black men, and the black family. With a Bachelors and Master degrees in Biblical Theology and a Ph.D. in Biblical and Ethnical Studies (the study of races and people groups in the Bible), Dr. Edwards developed curriculum for this major. He completed his doctoral dissertation on the subject of Biblical Black History and also received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree.

Regarded as a gifted preacher, teacher, and prophet to churches in the United States. Dr. Jefferson Edwards is recognized as an Apostle to the Nations and the Body of Christ.

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