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Poet Jess Marie (Jessica Marie Smith) has achieved unimaginable success just by using her gift to bless others since she released her first book, Anthology for Hope in the Hood in April 2015. Jessica believes in supporting dreams and has personally invested in other artists and events, most notably as a sponsor for the 2015 Detroit Black Music Awards.

Jessica is an inspirational writer, her first book, “Anthology for Hope in the Hood,” has been able inspire to people from all walks of life and quite literally from all corners of the world. Jessica has been blessed to see a dream realized and has decided to use the literary platform to show others that possibility. Jessica’s use of imagery and practical language give her flexibility in genres, writing styles and projects. Jessica is a member of The Called and Ready Writers Guild, a Christian-writers support group and the United Playwrights United.

Jessica is from Detroit, MI and currently lives in the metro Detroit area. Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Michigan State University in 2010. Author Poet Jess Marie is currently working to reach wider audiences through street literature, music, fiction writing as well as a continuation of Hope in the Hood.

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