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A Harlem, New York native, Joy M. Copeland holds a BA and a MA from Howard University. She has enjoyed a varied career in both government and the business world, with stints working in US intelligence, on Capitol Hill, in IT consulting and in corporate IT management. For many years, Joy put her writing on the back burner. Now, she’s focused on her writing.

Borrowed Destiny, her second novel and What Simon Didn’t Say, her 2018 debut novel draw upon her knowledge of the corporate world and in particular the plight of professional black women. With Borrowed Destiny, she also shares a family connection to New Orleans. Her other fiction work includes horror and crime short stories, which appear in a number of anthologies, the latest being a story in Sycorax’s Daughters, a collection of horror stories written by women of color. Her nonfiction work includes three biographies: Teamster labor leaders John H. Cleveland, Daniel J. Tobin, and Clara Day.

When not writing or enjoying time with family and friends, Joy is usually reading, traveling, or both. She is making a huge dent in her destination ‘bucket list.’ She says “traveling and having adventures in foreign settings inspire my writing.” Joy reads a variety of genres, with Fantasy, Sci Fi, and mystery/thriller topping her list. Many of her works are mixed genre. Currently, she resides with her husband in Northern Virginia.

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