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KR Bankston is a 2-Time Bestselling Author

KR Bankston is a Fiction Novelist, Publishing Consultant, Ghostwriter, Public Speaker, and Mentor. The CEO of Kirabaco Media Group, LLC, she resides in Jonesboro, GA. Having written various works of fiction, including short stories, for most of her adult life, Bankston entered the world of commercial publishing in 2008 with her first novel, A Deadly Encounter She has since gone on to write and publish to date some 40+ novels, including two anthologies and one novella.

KR has been a featured panelist for Building Relationships Around Books annual summit; Driven Diva’s Book club Event for Literacy (Dallas, TX), as well as a featured author at the Urban Fiction Experience (Richmond, VA.)

KR has been featured in the Daytona Times Literary Spotlight: ‘What to Read While You Wait’ for her books Shattered Peace, Interception, The Destroyer, and Sinister Alliance. KR has been a guest on multiple online and blog radio shows.

Quietly taking the industry by storm, KR is a nonconformist novelist who writes in a myriad of genres. She invites you to step outside the box of assumption and pop open a title. Walk inside the mind of KR Bankston and allow the stories to enrapture you.

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