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Kathleen Cormack

Kathleen Cormack was born in Chicago, Illinois. She loved writing as a child and can still recall the memory of hearing her fifth grade teacher reading her short story to the class. He was more impressed with her story than any of her classmates’ stories. He and several of her classmates commented that it was a “really good story.”

It wouldn’t take long for Kathleen to realize that she had a creative imagingation. Between fifth grade and now, life intervened and Kathleen has pursued various occupations, and educational pursuits. She has now settled into a productive writing career. An avid reader, Kathleen loves to read fiction as well as autobiographies. She also loves to travel within the U.S. as well as internationally. Some of the places she has visited outside the U.S. include: Jamaica, Israel, Canada, and Europe. She loves to write stories that are inspirational, yet humorous; the kinds of stories that evoke strong emotions from the readers. She holds a M.Ed in Higher Education and has completed several marathons. Having recently taken up weight training, she has participated in her first Figure competition. She resides in the Mid-Atlantic region with her best friend and biggest cheerleader, John. Learn more about Kathleen at her official website

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1 Book by Kathleen Cormack

Black Power Line
Black Power Line

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