Lana Reid

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Lana Reid is the author of numerous titles, a healthy relationship advocate and the host of “The Male Perspective” podcast. Her “Loving Him Better” teaching points have been featured in the Good Men Project publication as well as her nationwide workshops. Living by the advice of her grandmother, “when you close your eyes for the final time… the world should be a better place because you were here,” Lana aspires to leave a little light in the path of the people that she meets.

Lana is an engaging, inspiring and energizing speaker who moves her audiences through an interactive process of transformation. Working from the idea that finding and securing emotional health and happy relationships begins with small steps, small changes and small investments in one’s life, Lana guides individuals and teams using tools that are not only actionable, but also effective.

As the host of “The Male Perspective,” a weekly podcast that showcases Lana’s commitment to changing the narrative and stereotypes surrounding Black men by having informative, healthy and peaceful conversations with guests from all around the world. It opens the door for men to feel safe to tell their treasured stories and journey to the world.

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