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Lori Nelson Lee’s children’s book, Hillary’s Big Business Adventure, a book that introduces the concept of entrepreneurship to young kids was added to several elementary schools in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio among others. Her book has appeared on Let’s Talk Live (ABC), The 10! Show (NBC), CBN News (CBN), Speak Up! (CW), Eyewitness News (CBS), The Coffee Shop (ABC), and My Fox DC (Fox). It was also featured at the Congressional Black Caucus Author Pavilion, and in Publisher’s Weekly (Independent Publishing Edition) and Baker & Taylor’s Books For Growing Minds. In 2015, Lori released her second children’s book, Danica Dramatica - Queen Me, her first chapter book for young readers. In February 2017, Lori’s publishing company (Nelson Publishing, LLC) was a featured publisher in the popular Just Like Me© book subscription box for children of color.

When not writing books, Lori likes to write and produce film projects. Lori’s first screenplay won her a spot as a finalist in the 2008 Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship Lab competition. Her second project, a 90 second film competition, won the 2009 Allstate Insurance Be Reel Community Voice Film contest (optioned by Burrell Communications for The Root).

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