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Mikki Arlene Ealey

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Mikki Arlene Ealey is a proud mother of four beautiful children. She is a hardworking, dedicated, spiritually inclined woman whose goal is to help heal the world any way she can. Her journey stems from receiving her first diary at the tender age of ten years old from her mother. She used to be in the literary field over 15 years. She is an avid book reader of spirituality, self-help and leadership books. She is the CEO and Founder of Mz Social Butterfly Network, LLC and Small Press! She recently published her first book Ready Set Go: 30 Days of Motivation To Get You To The Next Level. She introduced her book to the world on Social Media and presented a workshop called “Writers on Writing.”

She currently has a great job as a Senior Court Office Assistant in the Unified Court System! Her goals are to assist other writers in getting their work self published. Her passion is to reach women of all ages reach their highest potential. She is Master Motivator, Goal Setter and Empowerment Speaker. She is involved in a lot of organizations, and currently serves as the New York State Coordinator for Mocha Moms Inc. which is an organization for Mothers of Color. She was President of Queens Mocha Moms last year.

Her motto is “For every one hundred NOs, you will get at least one Yes!”

Her favorite quote is “Make NEW friends, but keep the OLD, because one is SILVER and the other is GOLD.”

Ealey is pictured with AALBC.com’s Founder, Troy Johnson

Learn more at Mikki Arlene Ealey’s official website

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