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Neil Thompson is an engineer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Everything Neil does is science related. His company, Teach the Geek (, works with engineers and scientists on their presentation skills. On his podcast, Teach the Geek podcast, he interviews engineers and scientists on their career journeys and their public speaking journeys. And finally, he has his debut children’s book, Ask Uncle Neil: Why is My Hair Curly? With this book, you will meet Anthony, a young boy who has his mother, Jessica, exasperated, as they are running late. While getting ready, Anthony starts to wonder why his hair is different than that of his classmates. From there, Anthony speaks with his Uncle Neil, who uses science to answer Anthony’s question.

Using hair as the vehicle, Ask Uncle Neil: Why is My Hair Curly? encourages Black children to not only explore careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), but to ask questions to get meaningful answers. The book is also a motivational tool that lets Black children know that there are no careers that are off limits to them, especially careers in STEAM. As long as they have curiosity and determination to see things through, anything is possible!

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