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Penny Mickelbury was born in 1948 and is a playwright, journalist, and novelist. She worked as a print and television journalist for ten years before concentrating on fiction writing. She taught fiction and script writing in Los Angeles and saw two of her plays “Waiting for Gabriel” and “Hush Now”produced there. She began writing detective novels with Keeping Secrets, which was published by Naiad Press, which was the oldest and largest lesbian/feminist publisher in the world, in 1994. Keeping Secrets was the first of a series featuring Gianna Maglione, a lesbian chief of a hate-crimes unit based in Washington D.C. and her lover Mimi Patterson, a journalist.

Her second series features Carol Ann Gibson, a Washington D.C attorney who is widowed in the first book and subsequently runs an investigation agency with Jake Graham, the detective who investigated her husband’s death. Her third features Phil Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican private investigator on the Lower Easter Side of New York City.

She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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