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It has been as adventuresome, just as much as it’s been nerdy, that’s for sure!”

So, says technology consultant and author, Perry Busby when summing up a thirty-five-year career that began when a friend’s father bought his son a computer and then gave it to Perry when he realized he had developed a proficiency for programming.

While pursuing a Computer Science degree at Prairie View A&M University, he started his first business, Pyramid Programmers, where he developed educational software for elementary classrooms.

After working for two major technology companies, a NASA contractor and an energy & petroleum software company, Perry established Intellect Technology, a technical services consulting firm in 1997. With a client list that included the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and a host of federal, state and city political campaigns.

Perry’s passion to see other young minority children gain an interest in technology, led him to dedicate his time and service to a number of revolutionary programs including serving as program director for the 5th Ward/HP i-community, a 3-year, $3M philanthropic program sponsored by Hewlett-Packard; serving as a board member on the Houston IT Empowerment Consortium (HITEC), a think-thank of non-profit organizations focused on addressing technology issues within urban communities; and forming the Association of Minority IT Professionals (AMITP), an organization formed to bridge relationships between minority IT professional, small businesses, and corporate decision-makers. In 2004, the Congressional Black Caucus recognized his efforts and inducted him into their initial class of Community Technology Champions.

Turning his attention from writing code to writing stories, Perry released his debut novel, The Hacks of Life in October 2017. The story is about a young man attempting to step from under the shadow of his father and his successful private detective business. He soon discovers the company he’s working for is about to introduce the first Internet web browser, while also attempting to cover up their unfair hiring practices, and his hiring is a part of their deceptive plan.

His previous published work, a short story entitled “It’s Time for Good People to Do Right,” appears in an anthology titled HOWL 2016! Poems, Rants and Essays on the Election (Prism Light Press, 2017).

A native Texan, Perry and his wife Nancy currently reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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