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Primrose Cameron, BA, MS, EdD has worked and advocated for families in Volusia County for two decades and currently resides in West Volusia. She has a wealth of experience as a motivational speaker, life coach, master of ceremonies, a classroom teacher, professional development specialist and counselor helping many young adults and their families along the way.

Primrose is a motivational speaker like no other, who genuinely cares about establishing a healthy balance in one’s life. Her electric smile and effervescent personality will enrich the personal and professional growth of the audience members. She captivates the attention of everyone in her presence, whether it’s an auditorium filled with engagement or one-one coaching. Regardless of where you are now, you will find yourself propelled to the next level. The best part is that there is a sense of accountability communicated to the audience that denies excuses and sparks action and results through her motivational speaking.

Primrose creates opportunities and possibilities through Cameron Enterprises' organized events, such as past fashion shows, image clinics, vision board parties, community seminars, grandparents raising grandchildren group sessions and teen building seminars. Primrose shares her fruits of the spirit in a variety of platforms. Her talks are often of issues that matter most, but not limited to building relationships in the workplace, effective communication self-esteem building, eliminating self-talk, building confidence, setting your career path, activating your vision and defining your why, community engagement, securing a stronger self, functional families and creating balance. She is a host of a weekly blog radio program, Cameron Chronicles Live, blogger, and a columnist for the West Volusia Beacon.

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