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Princess F.L. Gooden is a 3-Time Bestselling Author

Princess F. L. Gooden was born on January 7, 1972, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia at Grady Memorial Hospital. She is the oldest and the only girl that her mother gave birth to. Princess was raised in the West End of Atlanta with her grandmother, mother, and three siblings.

As a young girl, Princess became fascinated with writing. She loved to read, write poems, and songs for the group that her brothers created with pots, pans, broom sticks, and brushes. Most of the time she would sing lead but preferred to work behind the scenes with the set-up for the imaginary stage they performed on. At the age of 12 she began writing plays and designing covers. By the time she was 13; she had written and directed a two productions for two large churches, designed the cover and written a poem for her 8th grade class graduation.

She lost track of the many poems, letters, songs, and cards that she wrote for her family and friends. Most of them were breaking up, making up, and liked the fact that she could make words magically fit them and their situation. Her brother Prince suggested that she charge everybody five dollars. She didn’t.

As life continued, Princess placed her gift of writing to the side, grabbing the pen and paper only to express her brokenness and heartaches. Meanwhile, others saw or heard about her talents and requested that she work or write for them.

In 1998 Palace Productions, Inc. was created. Princess branched out and began doing stage plays and teaching liturgical dance throughout Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. She also traveled to different cities and states ministering through dance and speaking to various youth and singles. Princess has written, directed, and produced sixteen stage plays & thirty skits. God allowed two of the stage plays to go on five city tours.

In 2014 her very first novel, with the very talented and gifted Best Selling Author and co-founder of Brown Girls Books, Victoria Christopher Murray, was published.

Princess is respected in all of her gifts. She is a dramatist, poet, motivational speaker, novelist, educator, producer, director, actor, dancer, and singer, but her favorite titles are wife and mother. She is married to Reginald R. Gooden. They collectively have six children. All of which are wonderfully gifted as well.

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