Q. B. Wells

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Q.B. Wells is the publisher of Art Official Media LLC. Founded in 2005, Art Official Media LLC is a publisher of urban books and art related media, with an emphasis on e-books, paperbacks, audio, films and magazines that illustrate and enhance the urban perspective. In addition to publishing, Art Official Media LLC handles all aspects of the distribution process for independent book publishers, self published authors, independent record labels and film companies that cater to an urban market.

Q.B. has authored several books and has written book reviews, articles and essays about urban literature and culture for The Urban Book Source, Urbania Magazine and UrbaniaMag.com.

A member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, Q.B. Wells presents workshops on publishing at local community centers and organizations. A visionary and entrepreneur, Q.B. Wells taught with the Baltimore City Public School System for several years before transitioning into teaching writing classes at Towson University.

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