Ronald Kuykendall

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Ronald Kuykendall was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. The third of six children, he received his elementary and secondary education in the public school system before matriculating at Southern University graduating magna cum laude with a BA in political science

It was there that he began to clarify and sharpen his political consciousness, a consciousness that was formed and molded by the militancy of his father and the humanitarianism of his mother.

Kuykendall credits his wife with serving as a sounding board and critic for many of his ideas over the years. Although he originally intended on becoming an attorney, he instead accepted admission to Purdue University’s graduate program in political science.

Ron teaches in the Social Science Department at Greenville Technical College in South Carolina where his research interests are in the area of radical African-American social and political thought. While Social Crisis and Social Demoralization is his first book, he has previously been published in The Journal of Black Studies and The Western Journal of Black Studies.

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