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Sheila L. Jackson is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Sheila L. Jackson is an author, inspirational speaker, and teacher who love to bring out the best in others through God’s inspiring word. When Sheila is not writing or speaking, she works as a clinical laboratory scientist in her hometown, Shreveport, Louisiana. Unable to ignore or run from her calling as a writer any longer, she stepped out on faith and became a published author of several nonfiction and fiction books. When years as a published author took away her ability to express herself freely through her writing, Sheila became a self-published author.

Through her love and thirst for God’s words, she inspires others to follow their passion. Sheila pushes those around her to use their gifts and talents for greatness. And that God uses those that consider themselves as worthless for His glory.

Women go through so much in life. With roles, such as motherhood, wives, and as career women, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At women’s conferences and banquets, Sheila speaks words of empowerment in these settings that women will know that they have a purpose in life than just caregivers. She speaks from experience on the subject, because it was at a women’s conference years ago that she found the strength and courage to follow her dreams and bring them to fruition.

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