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Stephanie Outten is an author, speaker, and transformation coach. She is the “Creatress” of Cocoon to Wings Publishing and Cocoon to Wings Coaching, her platform is centered on JOY – something that didn’t come easily for her. Suffering a childhood trauma at age 12, she struggled with lack of self-worth and low self-esteem into adulthood.

By age 41, after battling years of infertility, a broken marriage, and painful family circumstances, she lay prostrate before God and surrendered everything to Him. God kept her in that position for two years in fervent prayer. As she fought her way through her storms, she conceived and birthed her first baby, her novel, Is This the Way to Joy?. With a release date of December 12, 2016, Is This the Way to Joy? is symbolic of the journey she took to re-write her pain story and turn it into her POWER story.

Along her journey, God has used her to coach other women seeking to break free from the cocoon that has kept them in bondage. She’s worked with countless women to guide them through setting their wings free and taking flight in order to passionately pursue the life God predestined for them.
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