Tara Sullivan

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Tara Sullivan was born in Calcutta and spent her childhood and early adolescence moving around South America and the Caribbean with her parents who were international aid workers.

“Back in 2009, when I came across a news story that told about the kidnapping, mutilation, and murder of African albinos for use as good luck talismans, I was struck by the topic on multiple levels. The grown-up in me, the one that studied for a dual Masters in Non-Profit Management and International Studies and worked with village micro-finance and refugee resettlement programs, wanted to publicize this human rights tragedy. The kid in me, the one who had to hide from the sun and could never blend into a crowd, wanted to tell a story about what it must feel like to be a kid who has those problems in the extreme. So I sat down and started to write Golden Boy, and the rest, as they say, is history…”

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