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The Terrie Williams Agency, The Premiere Black-Owned PR Firm, is Closing

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Terrie Williams is a Top 100 AALBC.com Bestselling Author Making Our List 6 Times

Terrie M. Williams is a social worker by training. She is a public relations professional by her own design. She is a published author, a sought-after lecturer, a dealmaker, a mentor, an executive coach, a community activist. But first and foremost Terrie Williams is a people person-one who cares about other folks and one who passionately believes that we are here on the planet to hold each other up. And she takes to heart-and to action by the things that she does-the quote above.

Terrie Williams is a success story-one built on the foundation of the countless friends, contacts, mentors and business associates that have helped her rise to the pinnacle of her profession. "I have been blessed," Terrie says. "And I know that the best way to say thank you to all those who have done so much for me is to give something back and pass it on to those who will follow us."

Terrie Williams and AALBC.com founder, Troy JohnsonWhen Terrie opened the doors of her Agency in 1988 it wasn’t as much the launch of an entrepreneurial genius as it was a way for Terrie to use her expertise as a social worker and a people person to help others help themselves (and others). "I knew I had to have my own business. It was in my blood. Public relations-or people relations as I call it-seemed a natural progression."

Over the years Terrie’s Agency has handled the biggest names in entertainment, sports, business and politics. And today the Agency is considered one of the country’s premiere public relations and communications firms.

Terrie is also one of the country’s most highly sought-after speakers, and has shared her own brand of success and personal development strategies with numerous Fortune 500 companies, and organizations such as New York University’s Continuing Education Program, the New School for Social Research, and The National Hockey League, The National Basketball Association and The National Football League.

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