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Toby Thompkins is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Toby Thompkins is a tech entrepreneur, executive coach, speaker and author. He is founder and CEO of SAFIOO Inc. (, the first real-time mobile leadership development, engagement, and networking platform that uses psychometrics and deep machine learning to help remote workforces, teams and classrooms address challenges at work and beyond. He has over 30 years of experience working across corporate, for-profit, nonprofit, government and international development sectors as a senior level corporate executive, organizational development consultant, executive coach, and author. Toby has worked in the USA, Africa, Europe, and Latin America with a broad range of leaders including CEOs, Heads of State, philanthropists, country managers, clergy, grassroots activists, advocates, traditional leaders, artists and musicians.

Toby is also an AALBC bestselling author of The Real Lives of Strong Black Women: Transcending Myths, Reclaiming Joy (Agate, September 2004). He has written numerous articles about personal growth, relationships, and cultural and social healing. Toby possesses an M.P.A., and an undergraduate degree in psychology and political science. In 2016 he was invited to become a Bellagio Fellow by the Rockefeller Foundation. He splits his time between Lisbon, Portugal, Miami, Florida, New York City.

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