Walt Goodridge

The “Passion Prophet”

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Walt F.J. Goodridge has a gift for teaching. And he knew it very early on. He remembers well that on the first day of elementary school, he found himself at the front of the room helping his teachers grade his classmate’s assignments.

At various times in his life, he’s been a freelance artist, a civil engineer, a radio DJ, an artist manager, a record label owner, an author, a network marketer, workshop speaker, inventor, webmaster, and now a poet.

"The things that have given me my greatest sense of purpose are those things through which I share my knowledge and insights with others. I’ve been able to achieve that through art, music, and words in the form of the books I’ve written. I realized that I have been blessed with the ability to listen, to learn, to analyze, to understand and then to impart that understanding to others. I have certain experiences that have enlightened and empowered me, then I take what I’ve learned and created channels for others to have the same experience."

"The books I’ve written, from the manual for Hip Hop Entrepreneurs in the music industry, to the most recent Lessons In Success are all geared towards fulfilling my personal motto and mission statement: I share what I know so that others may grow!"

Walt is also the creator of the popular Walt’s Friday Inspiration email which contains "thoughts that create success". The Inspirations started as a gift to an email list of friends and family and has now grown to over 26,000 people and has spawned a Poets Niche on his site as well.

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