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Zelda Lockhart is a 2-Time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Zelda Lockhart is Associate Professor of Creative Writing and African American Literature and Distinguished Endowed Fellow in the Language & Literature Department at North Carolina Central University. She holds a PhD in Expressive Art Therapies, an MA in Literature, and a certificate in writing, directing and editing from the New York Film Academy. As an author, Zelda Lockhart has written several critically acclaimed books that explore themes of race, identity, family, and women’s experiences.

One of her most notable novels is the, AALBC.com bestselling, novel Fifth Born, which delves into the lives of three generations of African-American women and highlights the challenges they face in a racially divided society. The novel received praise for its insightful portrayal of complex family dynamics and garnered recognition within the literary community.

Apart from her work as an author, Zelda Lockhart is a dedicated educator and mentor. She has conducted writing workshops and provided guidance to aspiring writers, especially those from marginalized communities. Her efforts in promoting literacy and storytelling have had a positive impact on aspiring authors and the broader literary landscape.

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