East of Broadway
by Raquel Cepeda

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    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9780000005579
    Imprint: Beacon Press
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Parent Company: Unitarian Universalist Association
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    East of Broadway, is a collection of collection of interconnected essays about Cepeda’s beloved Inwood, considered the last working-class enclave in Manhattan. The book explores the shifting process of gentrification through the prism of Cepeda’s life as a native dominiyorker and lifelong resident. Cepeda straddles the line between the gentry and gentrified, Black and white America, and her own hyphenated identity, while being quite literally and spiritually located at the invisible border wall dividing the neighborhood between east and west of Broadway. The book will explore belonging, what it means to be authentic, embracing change, and the spiritual and tangible consequences of gentrification that threatens to eat away at the soul of a once piquant and diverse community.