Book Cover Image of In the Land of Milk and Honey by Joyce Carol Thomas

In the Land of Milk and Honey
by Joyce Carol Thomas

Publication Date: Sep 18, 2012
List Price: $16.99
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
Classification: Fiction
Target Age Group: Picture Book
ISBN13: 9780060253837
Imprint: Amistad
Publisher: HarperCollins
Parent Company: News Corp

Hardcover Description:
I ease myself back in the window seat and breathe in as the train breathes out We’re on our way! On our way to the Land of Milk and HoneyLemons as big as oranges, the cool Pacific Ocean, mountains that rise up beyond the outstretched bay California beckons as one girl makes her way west on a journey filled with excitement, hope, and the promise of a place where people from all paths come together and music fills the air.This is the true story of author Joyce Carol Thomas’s trip from Oklahoma to California in 1948, when she moved there as a girl. During that time, many people went west, drawn by warmth and possibility, reflected in the people of all cultures and ethnicities who started a new life there.Coretta Scott King honoree Joyce Carol Thomas and Coretta Scott King Award winner Floyd Cooper capture the anticipation of a bright adventure and a world filled with freedom and opportunity.

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