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How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History
by David Simon

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    In reading this amazing book the reader will not only travel back into global black history but will be encouraged to undertake assignments to help them unlock their hidden talents.

    Using black history, storytelling and assignments the book is for general readers, community workers, activists educators and anyone who wants to engage in self-development and community development like the wonderful characters in the book.

    The intriguing story line centers on Percy, a disgraced black politician who runs to a Nigerian therapist Dr. Eze, who uses black history notes to help the beleaguered politician 'find' himself and reunite him with his estranged wife, Priscilla.

    Topics include: the ancient civilizations of Nubia, Egypt, Europe, Asia and the Americas; the medieval kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai and the history of the Moors, leading into the holocausts of the Arab and European slavery. Finally the reader explores colonialism, civil rights and contemporary strategies for black development as envisioned and inspired by the Ancestors.

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