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Only Twice I’ve Wished for Heaven
by Dawn Turner Trice

Publication Date:
Format: Paperback
Classification: Fiction
Page Count: 318
ISBN13: 9780385491235
Imprint: Anchor
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Parent Company: Bertelsmann and Pearson PLC

Book Description:

n 1975, Tempestt Saville and her family are chosen by lottery to "move on up" to Lakeland: one square mile of sparkling apartment towers and emerald lawns where the Black elite live sheltered from the ghetto by a ten-foot-tall, ivy-covered wrought-iron fence. Eleven-year-old Temmy doesn't enjoy the privilege, however, and thinks Lakeland is the "kingdom of the drab." Instead, she is drawn to the vivid world outside the fence: to 35th Street, where the saved and the sinners are both so "done up" you can't tell one from the other. Tempestt's curiosity soon leads her down a dangerous path, however, and after witnessing the death of a friend, she sets into motion a chain of events that will send 35th Street up in flames.

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