Book Cover Image of Close Encounters by Sandra Kitt

Close Encounters
by Sandra Kitt

    Publication Date: Nov 01, 2000
    List Price: $27.95
    Format: Hardcover, 440 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780783892719
    Imprint: G. K. Hall & Company
    Publisher: Gale
    Parent Company: Cengage Learning

    Hardcover Description:

    Hailed by E. Lynn Harris as a "bold and imaginative" tale that is "sure to keep readers turning the pages," Sandra Kitt’s interracial love story presents a man and a woman whose fates are changed forever by a random act of violence. Lee Grafton is a divorced cop and the father of a teenage girl. Carol Taggart is a newly single professor. Their lives collide one night when Carol is caught in the crossfire of an undercover drug sting gone south. Shot and seriously wounded, she finds an unexpected friend in Lee… unaware that the man she’s falling for could be the shooter. Twenty years on the street do nothing to prepare Lee for the night that changes his life. Determined to make amends, the special-operations lieutenant finds himself irresistibly drawn to Carol. But Lee soon faces a new threat. With his career and heart on the line, he races to prevent Carol from becoming a victim once again. Passionate and bold, Close Encounters shatters myths about race, gender, and love.

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