Book Cover Image of Enclave (English and Spanish Edition) by Tato Laviera

Enclave (English and Spanish Edition)
by Tato Laviera

    Publication Date: Dec 12, 1986
    List Price: $7.00
    Format: Paperback, 72 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780934770118
    Imprint: Arte Público Press
    Publisher: Arte Público Press
    Parent Company: University of Houston

    Paperback Description:

    Laviera celebrates the Puerto Rican experience in New York providing a gallery of portraits of the indomitable inhabitants of the enclave, whose lives are evoked through soulful rhythmic songs. "Enclave serves as a very timely manifestation of the modern Hispanic. It would probably be a very appropriate text in a high school or college Puerto Rican Studies or Chicano studies class." (Lector)